Posted by: pilgrm34 | July 19, 2011

early morning

Monday, early. Sounds of a leaf blower and rush hour make early morning an ideal time to flee civilization. The hour seems pre-schedule, though I’m no morning person especially after last night’s coffee. It’s quiet and sunny on the bridge over the Columbia Slough. A cottonwood rustles a greeting. A reflective shimmer of sun on water, captivates my attention.

over the railing

A train whistle sounds distantly pleasant instead of close and jarring as yesterday. The sun-warmed air sports pairs of goldfinches, crows, flickers and robins—domesticity all around. On tall teasel plants beside the water, the yellow and black of a Tiger butterfly complements that of several goldfinches. An Osprey overhead patrols the Slough and a red tail hawk and juvenile bald eagle are twirling and diving toward each other above the cottonwoods in the distance. The hawk is fearlessly protecting her nest from the much larger bird.

I’m meditating in quiet reverie until the sound of obnoxious revving of motorcycles as another race begins on the other side of the dike. As I watch them circle at high-speed, making a ridiculous amount of noise and spewing fumes, I turn back realizing the raceway, a useless monument to youthful testosterone, has replaced a wetland. Animals have been left with only a thin strip of slough to subsist on.

It reminds me of my purpose with this blog: to examine the relationship of humans, the divine and the environment in our original forgotten spiritual heritage and how that can inform the present environmental crisis.

trail along the Sough


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