Posted by: pilgrm34 | July 29, 2011


July 27, 2011

Peninsula Crossing Trail is a pleasant route to the Columbia Slough. It follows “the cut” a human-made railroad gorge a couple hundred feet deep. The canyon crosses the entire north Portland peninsula extending several miles. The lush growth on either side creates an unintentional wildlife corridor dominated by mature native big-leaf maple and, according to neighbors, it is prime habitat for striped skunks. No doubt, the dense cover serves other species as well.

"the cut" accidental wildlife corridor

Rounding the trail onto the Columbia Slough Bridge, a huge black and white masked bird is perched near the center on the rail.

Osprey watching prey

An Osprey on the hunt. Even as I pull out my camera she maintains her position while eyeing me suspiciously, reluctant to move. Clearly she is gauging her chances of a kill.

It’s an interesting contrast: I’ve come here for some unnamed reason perhaps to clear my head, while she needs to make a living for her hungry chicks. After she takes to the air, I notice several groups of tiny mallard ducklings directly below swimming in formation, crowding close to their mothers for safety.


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