Posted by: pilgrm34 | August 14, 2011


August 12, 2011,

Canada and Brant geese

I entered the Columbia Slough Trail from the urban side. The noisy highway ramp leads to a large roundish bay—and seemingly another realm. Two Canadian geese are sunning themselves on a log in the shimmering water while two large flotillias of nearly identical but smaller Brant geese indolently approach. I pause on the trail to watch the interaction. The stately Canada’s are surrounded by ten smaller geese and without haste or losing their dignity leave their post to head for another log.

flotillas of Brants pass each other

The Brants clamber over up while the second flotilla follows the Canadians to their new log. A confrontation ensues punctuated by vigorous bobbing of heads. As the Brants surround and slowly circle, the outnumbered Canadians again give way and casually paddle away to wait in the shade. I often find waiting them out is a good strategy in neighborhood activism too.

sun reflection

I continue on but stop mesmerized by the shimmer of sunlight on the water caused by slight ripples. It seems alive, as two patches merge into one then quickly separate and disappear.


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