Posted by: pilgrm34 | September 1, 2011

reverse clouds

August 31, 2011

It’s sunset and the first time I’ve been to Columbia Slough at dusk. People walking and talking on the trail add something new. Only one crow and one swallow are visible—surprising for dusk!

sunsetThe mud islands are gone. The water is high and so utterly placid I had to stare to see current—it’s flowing backwards away from the Willamette. A breeze finely ripples the surface and obscures the mirror image of a train crossing the trestle.

Just under the smooth surface a pattern can be discerned. Shadowy clouds of silt curl up rapidly everywhere, dark billows stirred by the changing tide.

As dusk morphs into early darkness people disappear. A cormorant flies low over the bridge, neck outstretched with only the sound of nearly noiseless beat of wings. Ducks swim from one shore to the other trading places. I see only their black silhouettes and ripple paths in the distance while dark, reverse cumulus clouds pass swiftly, silently below my feet.


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