Posted by: pilgrm34 | September 17, 2011


September 14, 2011

The aerial view of West Hayden Island on Google Earth displays treeless indents that appear to lead to the south beach, the desired destination. The indents could be roads—or paths—or not. We won’t know until we get on the ground.

aerial map of Hayden Island from Google Earth

Two indents appear to cross the island. My friend Caroline and I are up for adventure so we drive over and start walking on one route, a gravel road it turns out, past a cottonwood forest on the right and train tracks on the left. We pass the remains of an animal off to the side. Judging by the fur and the few bones, it is a fawn and we wonder what happened to the mother. Was she poached? The “no hunting” signs everywhere make us suspicious. After a half-mile the road curves and disappears in a thicket of tall grass. Though we search for another passage, it’s too overgrown, so we return to the main road to try the other possible route. After traversing a small pile of boulders and a narrow path intersected by blackberry vines, we spy a dirt road leading far into the cottonwoods. To our pleasant surprise, this enchanting route goes all the way to the south beach. We enjoy the accomplishment of walking on the shore while observing tracks of deer, raccoon, humans and dogs.

road leading south to beach

south shoreline

deer track

meadow above beach

picnic on the beach


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