Posted by: pilgrm34 | September 20, 2011

the meadow

Willamette River and St. Johns Bridge

The slant of the late afternoon sun illuminates glittering ripples on the Willamette River, but it is nearly dusk by the time I arrive at my destination: Baltimore Woods’ meadow—or rather, future meadow. Right now it is an abandoned asphalt parking lot and adjacent grassy slope totaling several acres that will house one-third mile of the future npGreenway Trail. I pedal down a steep hill toward the river leading to the pavement-meadow-to-be. Impatient grasses already bisect the blacktop. In spite of the urban setting, rabbit, coyote, a fox, and deer tracks have been sighted in the vicinity in the last few months. I stand in the center of the lot and envision its destiny—grassland with scattered oak and a few stands of trees—the long-hoped for dream of Friends of Baltimore Woods.

future meadow

adjacent grassy slope

looking back toward St. Johns Bridge past the 2 acre lot


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