Posted by: pilgrm34 | November 8, 2011

dusk at 4:30pm

The Columbia Slough’s silty, mud flats are no more. The current is flowing subtly upstream sprinkled with gold, yellow, and brown leaves. Mallards and Canadian geese dominate the darkening landscape and appear less startled by the sound of deafening shotgun blasts every other minute than myself. Do we really need this stress? A Great Blue Heron perched on island brush is attempting to be invisible. I still can’t be sure if it really was one, so it worked.

main channel Columbia Slough looking west

to the east

the island with a heron

the island as I move north

lesser channel looking east

traveling the Slough Trail westit is darkening as Mallards and Canadian geese fly over



  1. Oh so lovely!!!

    I think you were the Blue Heron.


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